Punjabi Dhaba opened its doors on July 18th 2006 in the city of Moscow, Russia serving north Indian and Punjabi delicacies inspired by the authentic home cooking styles.

Every item on our menu is prepared with authentic Indian herbs and spices, especially imported from India and ensured of its quality, aroma and freshness.

Each dish is prepared in our kitchens with extreme care to provide consistence and good quality.

Our delicacies are aimed at giving your taste buds the exquisite and refined flavour of Punjabi cooking.

Indian Cuisine is distinguished by its sophisticated use of spices and herbs and the influence of the long standing and widespread practice of freshness in Indian society. Food is an integral part of India's culture, with cuisines differing according to community, region, and state. Indian cuisine is characterized by a great variety of foods, spices, and cooking techniques.

The founder of Punjabi Dhaba, Ben Chopra, has always wished to serve society with food that touches the soul and brings to life the Indian culture. To fulfill his dreams, he opened up Punjabi Dhaba in Moscow , Russia.